Every year, we like to remind our community to be on the look out for seniors who do not have adequate cooling in their homes.  With so many living on fixed incomes, often air conditioning repairs are not feasible and some seniors will even refuse to run the A/C in order to save money.  Sadly, many folks don't know that organizations like Meals on Wheels offer fans and distribute donated window units.  Also, most electric companies will offer discounted services to seniors in need.  If you know a senior who needs help keeping cool this summer, give us a call!  Fidelis strives to be a resource to our community, not just our clients!


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    Jeff and Connie Hatten are members of Companion Connection Senior Care, a leading national home care organization committed to providing the best possible in-home care to seniors and those recovering from illness or injury.  Jeff is a former US Marine officer and pharmaceutical executive and Connie has been a Registered Nurse for 13 years.


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